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cut-up machine

cut-up machine
cut-up machine
Cut the whole chicken into different pieces according to market request.
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Cut-up is optional part of the whole poultry processing line, which according to the client local market demand to build this section. 

Have to way of cutting-up

One is by manual way, which fit for the strict cut-up quality demands market like China. In China, we request the highest standard regarding the cut-up production, all the parts request the strict location for cutting, also with the strict trimming rules.The only dis-advantage for this way is many labor requires. 

Another way is by the automatic cutting process. 

The cutted production is wing which including the further separation into small wing, middle wing, root wing, two breast, two drum stick, two leg steak, and skeleton. 

CONNECT supply manual cut-up processing line, together be agent of the Automatic cut-up equipment from Nerthland and Italy companies. 


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