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Feather & Water separator

Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
Feather & Water separator
separating water from feather or Viscera
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CONNECT Feather, Viscera & Water separator is used for separator water from poultry processing plant waste of feather and viscera which is ready for delivery to rendering plant to make protein meal. 

The feather or offals which just pump or transported from abattoir full with water, after separation, the water contains decreased to about 80%. 

The machine is full made of stainless steel, with stainless steel box frame, and rotating screen drum, the machine is drived by motor. 

The Waste water inside collected and drainage into waste water treatment tank. 



Hand washing and disinfection tank is widely used in food processing industry which is for workers cleaning and disinfection hands and nail before or after working. 

All the workers need to wash hands before start or restart work after leave this working position for more than 30 minutes, For example go to bath room, after touch or store food, after touch rubbish, or leave the dirty area of processing plant. 

The steps of wash hands: 

First wet the hand ----- soaping ----- rub with hands for 20 seconds---- cleaning the nail ---- put disinfection before enter working position 2 to 5 minutes--- flurish with water---- drying 


Metal Detector 

  Metal detector is the device,which detects products in the conveyor belt on transmission lines via electromagnetic fields. When the detected value over the metal signal, the output alarms  if mixed with metal or  makes order signal to remove it by selector .

Standard composition

   metal detector   1

  drive belt         1

using guide      1

Test cards are purchasing things.

Attention:In order to prevent the protective film from damages, please do not use sharp things (such as ball-point pen) to press the button.


Instruction Lights 

From the left beginning,the first light is for running.In normal detection, it is green. The second light is for NG. when detecting metal , the light is red. The rest are display LED lights, showing metal element and detection level.


LCD display screen

Product number and its name, determining outcome, action, etc. 

Start button  

Press this button, conveyor belt light is on, the conveyor belt starts running.


Stop button 

Press this button, the conveyor belt light is off,  the conveyor belt stop running.


Product button 

Press this button in the basic screen ,you can change another products.


Menu button  

Press this button in the basic screen,and it appears a menu screen ,then you can select the menu. 


Cancel button  

End the current screen and return to the previous page.


Arrow button 

For the selection screen and the page number switch.


Enter button 

Using In determining the project or setting


Freezing tray

The freezing tray is made of stainless steel, which is used for collecting final production and put it in the blast freezer to frozen the chicken.It normally holded with the freezing carts. 

The dimension is variable according to the size of freezing carts. 


Freezing carts

Freezing carts is the convinent tool which is used for collecting final production of chicken and frozen in the blast freezer. 

Normally each freezing carts can hold about 28pcs of freezing tray, the loading capacity is about 300 to 500KG

It is made of full stainless steel square tube. 



CONNECT COMPACT POULTRY PROCESSING SYSTEM combined hanging, stunning, killing, scalding, plucking and evisceration and unloading into one system. It complete with overyhead conveyor line, framing, water pipes, and electric cables and control panel, the installation dimension is around 11.5 x 2.2meters, easy for operation, economic in cost. The working capacity is around 300 to 500BPH. It is the best choice for all small scale capacity demand clients.

1, The processed birds' kind: Chicken (The live birds' average weight:2.0-2.5kg);

2、Capacity:300 to 500 birds per hour;

3、Slaughtering Conveyor line:                   

Conveyor speed:1.3metres per minute

       The shackles distance:6 inches

4、Bleeding time: 3-4 minutes

5、Scalding time : 70 seconds, 

The temperature of the hot water in the sclder:58-61℃

The system including following part:

1. one set of Overhead chain conveyor (L= about 19 meters, with one driving and tensioning unit); 

2. One water bath stunner

3. one bleeding trough; 

4. one scalder(automatic temperature control); 

5. one plucker unit(centrifugal, drum plucker);  

6. one viscera trough;  

7. one set of stainless steel frame(square tube); 

8. one electric panel and cables from the panel to the machines;

8. Hand tools for evisceration and killing;

 9, one water pipe 



Water Dropping drum follows with the screw chiller which used for removing the water from the carcass body which taken out from the screw chiller. 

The euipment is totally made of stainless steel.  

The frame is made by the square tube which dimension is 80x80x3mm

With rotating motor redcer power is 1.5kw


The belt conveyor is design for trimming, packing the piece of chicken after cut-up on overhead conveyor line. 

The food grade blet is used. 

With standard steel framing and adjustable leg

Stainless steel supporting roller and plate

Stainless steel tensioning and cleaning system

With motor reducer and transmissioning chain. 


The stainless steel holding cart is used for transport the final production or transfer the products during the process. Suitable for the small capacity working plant 


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